Saturday, 3 April 2010

Fedora wearing Biggins talks the new Doctor, Tardis and companion

The Doctor is back, The Tardis is back but the have both had a bit of a makeover. The new Doctor who ended thirty minutes, Matt Smith took to the stage and in my opinion had a great take on the Doctor. His performance was witty, funny and very doctorish. It wasn't however exactly the same as David Tennant which will annoy rather a few people, but just like Tennant wasn't exactly like Eccelston performance. Because thats what the Doctor is witty, funny and just a little bit different each time. The build up to the new episode consited of me complaning and listing the problems with Matt Smith as the Doctor but when it started i simply shut up and watched and it was brilliant. The story line was classic Doctor who. The thing about the Doctor is he has to seem funny and harmless but also make it very clear that he is the most bad ass f**cker in the god darn universe. Tennant had that edge which displayed it when he would suddenly snap it to kick-ass Doctor while bad to the bone plays in the background. Smith did this differntly but maybe better, he did it with cockiness. That was my favorite part of the episode where the giant eye scanned through the world and the various Doctors popped up, Smiths one line "basically run, run away" brilliant i got goosebumbs. Now the Tardis, first it was on fire then it was really blue. I mean really really blue, far too blue. But the inside was aweome it was victorian and reminded me of the 1960's hit "the time machine." It was classic time travel it was new and exciting. Now the companion, Amy Pond, Karen Gilian great actress, great character and without a doubt the best looking companion the Doctors ever had. In fact it was so good my only problems were the opening credits and the lack of David Tennant. Really top notch, almost perfect. Oh and i did not like the new screwdrive but i love the new logo.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Feora Wearing Biggins reviews Supergirl the movie

The girl of steel, The red blue blurette, Supergirl. Yes I was gone for two months but I'm back with a review of Supergirl: the movie. As you my already know I love the Superman movies, comics and books. So in theory I should love this movie and I almost do. It was funny purely due to how serious the film was meant to be. Superman fought Lex Luthor, General Zod and Nuclear man, Supergirl fought a wicked witch using kryptonian technology to boost her magical abilities. The whole plot is faintly ridiculous, but what I enjoyed most was the acting which was surprisingly good. Helen Slater portrayal of Supergirl was perfect, the naivety and the strongness of her character when angry. Her character was perfect but her origin was not true to the comics at all.

This film had a very similar score to Superman. It was exciting and uplifting. It was a fun film and it wasn't boring as one may expect it to be. The special effects were better than in Superman 4, Superman 4 is by far one of the worst films ever made and one of my favorites. This film is worth watching by all means but I've seen better films. 2/5

Friday, 13 November 2009

Fedora wearing Biggins reviews Dan in real life

There's rightness in our wrongness. Now you've all seen Steve Carell in films like Anchorman, Bruce almighty and get smart and we know that he is a fairly hilarious guy. Dan in real life was really very funny but it also ha a very realistic feel to it, Dan was just an average guy in a some what average situation. This film could easily happen in real life, all the characters and events in the film were very easy to relate to. This means that you can really connect and relate to Dan's story.

My problem with this film was how awkward some moments were and I don't mean the writing or the acting but how awkward some of the situations were. I hate awkward moments in real life and when I see it in a film I tend to pause it to prepare myself for the awkwardness but maybe thats just me. The supporting cast was also really very convincing and showed great realism in their portrayals. I find the movies poster best describes this film "Its confusing, Its awkward, Its family." Although I would add to that very funny and a great film.

This film was really rather good and it was good to see that Steve Carell can pull of a serious role as well as his usually silly comedy. But what was most surprising for me about this film was just how much of a tear jerker it was. I was expecting a mediocre family comedy with a predictable and boring story line. I was pleasantly surprised by th emotional depth of the film. It had me a man who doesn't cry pretty chocked up towards the end. I can guarantee that this film will beat your expectations, Impress you and relate to you and your life. All in all a great film 4/5

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fedora wearing Biggins reviews The Time travlers wife

If you wait around long enough you'll see me disappear. let me start by saying I was forced to read this for my English lit class an would have otherwise never even thought of reading it. Now I've always loved the idea of an unwilling time traveler disappearing into the past or future and having to adapt to the situation at hand. This book provided me with the "chrono-displaced" traveler I had wanted however it also brought his wife. Now I am aware the book was called The time travelers wife and I knew before reading it that it was a romance. I had seen trailers for the film and so I knew the general jist but was not excited in any way about reading it.

As I have already said I loved the concept and as I read I really enjoyed the way the book was set out. It was not set out in your typical linear way, it jumped backwards and forwards through time sometimes with Henry sometimes to simply shed some light on what was happening by going back to hear a anecdote from Clare. The book switches between Henry and Clare as the narrator but is always in first person, occasionally you get the same extract twice from their respective views. The book in theory was very good (although I did want the first time Henry met Clare in the past.) My problem is with Clare as a character as i found her boring and repetitive as everything you need to know about her is in th prologue at the beginning of the book.

The book is riddled with subtle symbolism and Henry's character development is really quite impressive as well as interesting to read. The book at the start was fun and carefree but when it reached the half way mark it quickly became dark and really rather depressing which while made the book better was a bit of a downer im not really sure it even had a happy ending although it definitely was meant to have one. The ending was the most depressing thing I have ever seen, read or watched. purely because of the books layout and the whole concept of an unwilling time travler this book manages to get a 2 out of 5.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Fedora Wearing Biggins reviews Watchmen

Who watches the Watchmen? For the supposed "greatest superhero movie of all time" I was rather disappointed. The fights were kick ass and paid great attention to the little blocks and punches which most superhero films replace with punches through walls and breathtaking super powers. While I thought the fight scenes were great, they were also short and far too spread out. The plot while interesting was in no way original and took longer than necessary to explain.

The film featured many weird heroes two of which being Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) and Nite Owl (Patrick Wilson) who if combined would make an exact replica of Batman. Nite owl had the Batman type suit, gadgets and such and Rorschach had Batman's voice and detective skills. The two characters were interesting although Nite Owl frequently got on my nerves with his goody two shoes act but with out the backbone to back it up. Rorschach's gruff demeanor and especially his mask made him all that more interesting, the way he spoke made every thing he said seem ten times more important and vital. I also liked the Silk specter (Carla Gugino) as well as her predecessor the silk specter 2 (Malin Akerman) was an interesting comparison on the previous and current teams, it showed how the old team (the minutemen) had slowly been cut down in there prime. This was later shown with the current watchmen. I disliked Ozymandias (Matthew Goode) as I felt he was incredibly stuck up and close minded. Now we get to DR. Manhattan (the big blue naked guy played by Billy Crudup) I enjoyed his story line and watching him become slowly more and more detached from his humanity. The Comedian (Jeffery Dean Morgan) was one of those characters that you laugh at even though he is clearly completely insane and twisted.

The film was long, had three sex scenes starring Silk Specter 2, one attempted rape of the original Silk Specter, about eight decent fight scenes and a gazillion flash backs. It had an incredibly fluid plot and its flash backs which in some films are awkward and badly executed was preformed expertly and were my favorite parts of the film (not including the opening credits.) Also I enjoyed the soundtrack from the film which had some of my favorite songs in it such as "the times they are a' changing" and "hallelujah." The music fitted the story and the mood of the film perfectly. This film was not the greatest superhero movie of all time while I did like the idea of a alternate Earth where the U.S.A won the Vietnam war and Nixon got elected for a third term however films such as The Dark Knight and Ironman are closer to being the greatest superhero films of all time. Not because they are my favorites(I prefer Superman films and Blade) but the two that are truest to the comics. Watchmen was a good film but it wasn't perfect I give it a 3 out of 5 because it occasionally got a bit boring due to lack of action.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fedora wearing Biggins review's Zombieland

Rule 32: enjoy the little things. Zombie land was fun, violent and freaking hilarious. Starring woody Harrelson as the kick-ass zombie slaying joker, who is funny all the way through the film but towards the end he does gain some emotional depth and his twinke addiction will have you in hysterics. Jesse Isenberg plays the average shy teenager with no social life to speak of until the zombie apocalypse that is. With his rather predictable love interest being played by the talented not to mention gorgeous Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin comes along for the ride too.

I love zombie movies theres something very compelling about the idea of zombies taking over the world and man kind having to fight to win the earth back. This film was a perfect zombie comedy. It centers around the four main cast trying to get to a theme park in LA and while that seems like a crazy idea (which it is) the journey to get there is to put it lightly epic! It was a somewhat predictable film it was a interesting film with an amazing opening title sequence. The music suited the theme of the film just fine but it was nothing that noticeable.

The film also has a surprise non zombie guest pop up half way through ( i won't ruin it for you though don't worry) providing hilarious results. The film is also filled with funny flash-backs my favorite being Columbus's (Jesse Isenberg) one. While this film isn't quite up to the standards of Shaun of the dead it is a great thrill ride comedy with many cool zombie killing methods that just make you laugh purely because they are so unexpected. A must see film 4/5.

Nut up or shut up.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Fedora Wearing Biggins reviews Sorority row

Sorority row is proud to be sponsored by facebook. When I saw this film advertised I assumed that it was just your run of the mill slasher film but I was pleasantly surprised. This film starred a variety of hot college girls, a creepy psychiatrist and a tire iron wielding psychopath. Sorority row centers around a group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of their house-sister after a prank gone wrong, only to be stalked by a serial killer who favors a Tire iron as his weapon of choice.

This film while based on a film made in the 80's it did a good job of breaking away from the cliché and pitfalls of your average horror or slasher film. The acting was superb and the story was mystifying enough to keep you wanting more. I don't scare easy but some of the murders were so gory or in the case of the first kill so unexpected that my jaw hit the floor and stayed there for five minutes. Not only was this film gory and filled with hot chicks but I couldn't help but laugh like a hyena all the way through. The film its self wasn't supposed to be funny I don't think but some of the deaths were so fitting you couldn't help but laugh, some of the killers dialog was quite funny if you can laugh at a sorority girl with a tire iron in her head.

My only problem with this film was how often facebook was mentioned as it wasn't necessary at all and to be honest I prefer Twitter. Besides that though I was surprised by how good the film was and I do not normally like this kind of film but it is worth watching if you like slasher films, comedy of hot half naked party girls. A word of warning though you may develop a very rational fear of tire irons. A solid 3.5 out of 5 for Sorority row.